By: Sonja – translated from GERMAN

On  August 9th 2016 (editorial) Secretary A.D. Willy Wimmer said goodbye to 235 peace drivers in 72 cars , more than 1,500 people gathered at the “Brandenburger Tor” to wish them good luck. The first stop will be Szczecin (Poland) and then on to the border of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad (Oblast) Königsberg).

In Berlin at the “Brandenburg  western 18th of March Gate”  235 peace drivers gathered, to prepare for the departure to Russia. The 72 participating vehicles, motorcycles and motorhomes , were divided into 12 groups of vehicles and equipped with communication radio’s, so that during the convoy ride, they can report from their trip. The Berlin police was very helpful and freed the parking of the Brandenburg Gate and the :”Straße des 17. Juni.

Willy Wimmer, Secretary A.D. of the Federal Ministry of Defence, brought to the participants of the peace race  a flaming plea for a return to the construction of an enlarged European “house” of which  Russia also belongs. “It’s an excellent opportunity when more than 200 people take the matter into their own hands to go to  our Russian neighbors and give an unmistakable signal that we want to live in peace and friendship with eachother and want to reduce tension!

Peace mission initiator Dr. Rainer Rothfuss called on those present to demand  a peaceful German foreign policy a petition called 

“peace with Russia” on with-russia-is-for-us-vital .

You can sign and take action yourself by collecting signatures on the downloadable list: He emphasized : “It can not be that we, at the 75th anniversary of the attack of the German Wehrmacht on the Soviet Union, with 27 million dead on the Russian side, again standing  with our tanks in front of the Russian border! “Behind the scaremongering of Russia  are the ” tangible geopolitical interests of the USA, and the  all competition  to scare Russia, is insane, “says Rothfuss.

After police approval and honored at  the “Pariser Platz” on the east side of the Brandenburg Gate, the peace convoy set off in the direction of Poland  under police escort to  the border and arrived at 22 o’clock in Szczecin, Poland. After a smooth passage through the northern parts of Poland the peace riders reached the Russian border at Kaliningrad.

For more information about the peacemission, please visit and there will be information on a daily basis of all the stages of the peace journey on Facebook at

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