By: Sonja


July 9, 2016,Italy, in Venice at the Railway Square from 16.00 to 19.00, an action  took place: “SAY NO TO NATO!” – Against the expansion of NATO. The action was attended by people from the cities of Venice, Verona, Padua, Bassano di Grappa, Portogruaro, Schio, Conegliano, Venice Mestre and with the support of non-governmental organizations for Russia, the Committee of the east of the Venice region, the Red Star, All rise, the Communist Party , international platform «Global Rights of Peaceful People »Association and« Nova Harmonia »

In Warsaw   on July 8-9, 2016 A NATO summit was held , according to many political analysts,   the most important after the “end” of the Cold War . To discuss the key issues of the new Euro-Atlantic Design “From the Baltic to the Mediterranean,” Thus the new doctrine:. “From the Baltic to the Mediterranean” . It marks a new period of increased US aggression with the collaboration of Eastern European countries in the “first line of fire”, which is confirmed by developments in the   Cyprus.  The war in  Syria  and other worrying trends  in the Black Sea, war in Ukraine and NATO’s desire to occupy their bases namely, the entire southern part, along with five ports of Odessa, three airports in Kherson and Pervomajskij island. The EU can’t be  simply remain an observer.   Already, discussed the possibility of cooperation between NATO and Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine, NATO decided to consolidate the operation “Active Endeavour” (to combat “terrorism”), the EU naval operation   «EUNAVFOR MED Sofia”  modernization of Souda base.

The Promoter Larisa Nikolenko said: “There have been printed and distributed 1000 leaflets with different  information against NATO in English, Russian and Italian languages, also political prisoners, which are the innocent convicted brothers: Dmitri and Yaroslav Luzhetsky, Alla Alexander, Ruslan Kotsaba, Andrei Sokolov and other more then 4000 (in Ukraine and elsewhere).

A seven meter long  transparant information banner, made just before the event, reading: “NO NATO”, “Freedom to political prisoners”, “FREEDOM for the  BROTHERS Luzhetsky”. Calling onto people through a megaphone and talking about the uselessness of NATO, which is only pumping money out of workers, impoverishes countries and pursues a policy of unacceptable citizens of member countries of NATO. Near the end  a guy and 2 girls from the Ukraine came by and as usual their statements made that everything we do or did is paid for by Putin and  Russia attacked the poor democratic Ukraine. I told them that the whole world is slowly but surely getting to know  who attacked whom ”

NATO is currently the main threat to peace in the world . Its backed by US  and European imperialism and the neo-liberal principles meaning:  military occupation , economic, real political intervention in  countries (by so-called color revolutions) concerned, this military alliance has an imperial persuasive pressure roller machine, that cancels, in different geopolitical areas, sovereignty and the self-determination of people!

NATO is not only a political – military tool in the service of capital, but also a powerful propaganda machine that can build a collective consciousness of a false and distorted representation of reality as a diafragment lens that distorts the facts.

Last year, was a disaster for the United States armed forces.   They essentially were forced to retreat from the Middle East, China Sea, and saw the work of Russian professionals in Syria and fighting the power of the People’s Militia in the Donbas.

But they returned to European soil with the largest military exercise “the end” (?) Or the beginning of the “new” (?) Cold war:   Operations: Anaconda-16, BALTOPS and Iron Wolf.

Anaconda-16 in Poland attended  31,000 soldiers  of  24 countries  from the world, and 14 000 of the United States.   For the first time since the Second World War, German tanks crossed into Poland (marked with the Iron cross, or as some wish to see it the Maltese Cross).

BALTOPS   It includes 4,500 troops from   Nordic countries and the Baltic States.   The exercise was attended by hundreds of soldiers from Finland and Sweden, which are not formally in the NATO, but “are disturbed, they say, by  Russian aggression in Ukraine”

Iron Wolf   It includes   5000 soldiers and  will take place in Lithuania and Latvia.

The US completed plans to install ballistic missiles in Poland and Romania, while Poland encourages about 35000 reservists.

Today, the war is no longer a vague threat . The possibility of the direct involvement of the EU , apparently,   is more than ever to be taken place.  All of this for the sake of economic well-being of the United States that took the role of global Police, (since 1945 or even before) with the help of their armed forces and violate the right of all peaceful citizens of allegedly entering into a zone of American interests.

The general idea of the manifestation: “We need to talk about the need for a free, independent, international, anti-war movement in order  lest   prevent any –   or the participation of our countries in the militarist plans of the US and NATO.   That could lead to World War III. ” Let us stand together to protect the rights and lives of civilians  !!!

Impression of the Manifestation: