June 1 the world marked International Children’s Day. This day was established in November 1949 in Paris by the decision of the Congress of the International Democratic Federation of Women, and was first celebrated in 1950.

Although for every parent to protect their children – daily caring and happiness. The Children of Donbass, Lughansk, Odessa, Syria, Iraq and many more war-torned countries were not celebrating this day. In these, countries, the imperialistic countries took control, by waging war and depriving these children of their childhood, of education, protection and a bright future in peace.

Unfortunately we have to do a lot of work and our struggle against the impererialistic powers surround us is ongoing.

As from today, we hear in the European Media, finally, that the US and its ally NATO have send more then over 14000 troops to: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria ashame and shows who is the perputrator and invention of war, blaming others…