By: Sonja people.JPGWe, some Journalists and activist from the Netherlands and some other countries of Europe, like Italy and Poland,  were invited by the “Immortal Regiment”of Russia, to join the 9th of May Parade, in Moscow, Russia, which was an experience, wich I will not forget!

The Immortal Regiment has been established in 2012, by the people and governemnt of Russia, and takes place, after the big Military parade at the Kremlin’s Red Square. The people are carrying pictures, of their deceased and victims of the brutal WWII, which Russia suffered heavily, nearly 20 million Russians died..A new dimension about the parade are the wars currently being fought in Syria, Irak and Afghanistan.

President Putin ahead of the PEOPLE’s PARADE, starting at the Red Square, of which nearly 1 million people attended and 40 foreign countries!


President Putin ahead of the “Immortal Regiment”parade

A spectular event, which was well organized and honouring the people of Russia and other countries, who lost their relatives during this evil war!

The whole city of Moscow was coloured with pictures, people wearing their special ribbons..The eledery fully decorated with their medal of honour, which they received for their special service during WWII, were presented at the “Pebedy Park”. Children paying their respect by giving them flowers and singing songs for them. Beautiful scenes of respect and honour for people who liberated Europe from Nazi’s and occupation.



Hereunder, the Dutch entry of the People’s Parade of the Immortal Regiment: Wearing pictures of the most famous resistance women of the Netherlands: Hannie Schaft and the Dutch preacher: Frits “alias de Zwerver”.


The Dutch delegation – Sonja van den Ende – the Netherlands – Journalist –…
Claudius Lucassen – Chairman: Freelance Photographer