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On the  22 March 2016, the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malqi had to appear before the Committee on Foreign Affairs in Brussels to discuss how to restart the peace process in the Middle East.

So, on March 22 it was the right day for the Mossad to hit Brussels? The terrorist attacks in Brussels will be used to justify an invasion of Syria? The alleged attackers in Brussels on March 22, 2016, the brothers Qalid and Ibrahim al-Baqrawi, and Najim Lashrawi, should be considered agents of the security services. Qalid and Ibrahim al-Baqrawi would be recruited by the security services some time ago while they were in jail for common crimes. Qalid and Ibrahim al-Baqrawi were again, according to the Security Policy Center arrested a few days before the attack of March 22, 2016.

Najm Lashrawi would be working for the CIA and allies in Syria. The media have presented a video surveillance as a terrorist attack video of 22 March 2016 in Brussels. The video, however, was on the terrorist attack at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow on 24 January 2011. The video that claims to show Zaventem explosion was resumed in 2011. False videos used to inform on the attacks in Bruxelles.

screen-shot-2016-03-22-at-14-57-44-1024x797Screenshot at-14.57.44-1024×797

Negli the 80 security services (operating under CIA Gladio) conducted the massacres in Brabant in Belgium. “According to the ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his second book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ the Brabant massacres were carried out by elements of the secret army Gladio, cajoled and manipulated by Israeli intelligence, who explained the need to make people understand the need for ‘safety’ “. “Ostrovosky said that the mass murderers of Brabant found refuge in Israel, when the Belgian authorities were under pressure to arrest them.” Explosions at the airport and the metro.


In Belgium, the Parliamentary Laurent Louis published a list of names that the ‘Anonymous’ group passed on to all the parliamentarians of Belgium. The list concerns the people involved in the Dutroux case. Among the names listed: the US General Michael Aquino (who played an important role in the psychological war and was involved in the operation of brainwashing Monarch; State Councillor Major for Western Europe), Paul Bonacci, of Monarch victim, NATO Secretary general Willy Claes in 1994-95, Elio di Rupo current Belgian prime Minister, André Cools, Belgian Minister of Belgium murdered … the summits are blackmailed.


Michael Aquino

Israel wants to destroy Belgium. The Belgian Parliament has applied for the recognition of Palestine .

Most wanted man in the world L’uomo in white is being investigated by police. On 22 March 2016, at least 30 people were killed in the Gladio-style attacks in the airport of Brussels and a subway station, during peak hours, in Brussels. The SIIL has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The SIIL would be run by the CIA, Mossad and friends.

Who is really behind the SIIL_


 March 18, 2016, the Turkish president Erdohan  foresaw a possible attack in Brussels. Erdogan said, : ‘there is no reason why the bomb exploded in Ankara can not explode in Brussels’. The strategy of tension helps Trump.fs_III_2La CIA and friends attacked Belgium many times before. “In 1984, a team of US Marines was parachuted into Belgium, and met a Belgian military intelligence member (NATO Gladio, and the strategy of tension. NATO’s Stay Behind). They hid for two weeks before attacking the police station in Vielsalm. Weapons and ammunition were stolen. An agent of the Belgian police was assassinated. In 1991, a survey of the Belgian Senate showed that the attack was the work of US and Belgian military. Further attacks took place in Belgium. Other arms and ammunition were stolen in those attacks … At that time in Belgium, the “extremists” were leading the so-called Massacres of Brabant. It consisted of a series of attacks in two years. Groups of armed men broke into restaurants and supermarkets and began to shoot. ” Gladio and the creation of geopolitical chaos.

General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, former commander of the NATO forces in Northern Europe, said … that a secret intelligence service was set up in Italy with the help of British agents and the CIA, and also partly funded by it. The Italian branch of the network was known as Operation Gladio “. Richard Norton Taylor, Guardian, 15/11/90

“Aangirfan described the asymmetric operation of counterintelligence, originally conceived as a defense ‘behind the lines’ of a country, then changed wreaking terror in ‘Homeland’ (Europe, North America) to manipulate political outcomes, social, military and defense spending, inside. “It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a historical fact.” “The January 30, 2010, it was learned that the generals of NATO devised the Cage Operation (Investigations Cage deepen with Poyrazkory indicted) including the idea to detonate explosives during school trips to military museums in Turkey. The intention was to kill many children “. British General Frank Kitson would develop the idea of ​​’pseudo-band’ ‘. (General Frank Kitson: developed the fake terror)  and the strategy of tension.

Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and five months later the Italian Socialists were ousted from government by a coup orchestrated by the CIA right state drives and Gladio. (Operation Gladio)
Felice Casson is the Italian magistrate who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, the terrorist operation run by the CIA and NATO 50s. Gladio is used to remove presidents and prime ministers. Felice Casson
Investigations into Gladio Casson began in 1984, and soon led to the arrest of over 600 people, police officers, soldiers, businessmen, journalists, lawyers, politicians and mobsters. Casson speaks against political pressure on … More information can be found on the judge Felice Casson and Operation Gladio from WikiSpooks.
Casson discovered that a series of terrorist attacks in Italy, attributed to the Red Brigades, was the work of the Italian military secret service. The worst was at Bologna railway station in 1980, which killed 85 people. Vincenzo Vinciguerra was one of those arrested.
During the trial, Vinciguerra revealed that Gladio was to terrorize people so that they would turn to the government for protection. This is known as ‘strategy of tension’. Vincenzo Vinciguerra argued during the trial: “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown far removed from any political game. The reason was very simple. They had to force people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. ” In a BBC documentary on Gladio, he described the aim of “destabilizing to stabilize ‘…’ to create tension in the country to promote the social and conservative political tendencies and reactionary”. In 1990, Judge Casson was allowed by Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti to search through the archives of the Service of Information and Security Military Italian (SISMI) where he found evidence of the existence of Gladio network, and the links with NATO and the United States. Following this, August 3, 1990, the Prime Minister Andreotti confirmed to Parliament the existence of Gladio networks. Andreotti admitted Gladio connection with NATO. The secret army Gladio, as revealed by Andreotti, was well armed. The equipment provided by the CIA were buried in 139 hiding in the forests, fields and even in churches and cemeteries throughout the country. In 2000, in Italy, a parliamentary committee of inquiry on Gladio concluded: “Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions were organized or promoted or supported by men of the Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered recently, by men linked to US intelligence structures “.26740-Julio-andreottiIl greek prime Minister Andreas Papandreou confirmed the existence of Gladio in Greece. In Germany, a television program shook the nation, showing up as former members of the SS, Hitler’s special forces, were part of the ‘stay-behind’ the German network, working to Gladio.The Belgian Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the existence, confirmed by the Minister of Defense, the Belgian Gladio network. The Belgian parliamentarians discovered that NATO’s secret army was still active. They discovered that a secret meeting of the generals who ran the secret stay-behind army in several Western European countries was held in NATO’s Gladio secret command on 23 – 24 October 1990. The meeting of the Allied Clandestine Committee took place in Brussels under the chairmanship of general Raymond Van Calster, head of the Belgian military secret service SGR (service general de Renseignement). Andreotti said that the French took part in the meeting in Brussels. Raymond Van Calster, center

Raymond Van Calster, center


In Portugal, a retired general confirmed that network in Portugal. In Spain, the ex-Minister Alberto Oliart Defense stated that “here Gladio was the government.” In Turkey, the former Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit admitted that a secret army was involved in torture, massacres, assassinations and coups. This led the Minister of Defense Giray to retort “Ecevit had better keep his mouth shut the fuck up!” In all, 12 EU countries and the CIA, were struck 22 November 1990 by the European Parliament discussed the issue. The tone was dictated by the greek deputy Ephremidis: “Mr President, the Gladio system has existed for four decades under various names by operating clandestinely, and we have the right to give this the destabilization, the provocations and terrorism that occurred in our countries for these four decades, and I would say that, actively or passively, it was involved. ” Ephremidis criticized strongly the entire stay-behind network Gladio: “The fact that it was set up by the CIA and NATO, while claiming to defend democracy, in reality it was designed to undermine it by using it for their own nefarious purposes.”
The greek communist MEP Vassilis Ephremidis.

The greek communist MEP Vassilis Ephremidis

The EU parliament declared that “vigorously protested the seizure, by some at the NATO SHAPE US military, the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a network intelligence and clandestine operations.” Only Belgium, Italy and Switzerland have investigated the secret armies with a parliamentary committee, producing long and detailed public relations. According to the Portuguese press, the secretary general of NATO Manfred Woerner confirmed that the military command of SHAPE coordinated the activities of the Gladio network. Also he confirmed that Gladio was established by various NATO countries intelligence services, through a committee created in 1952. The German press confirmed that the so-called secret armies were coordinated by a special protected wing of NATO General Command. Access was through a door armored vault and the cards were distributed with the stamp ‘Only for viewing in the US’. The revelations began to rise, and there appeared a picture of NATO’s Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC), in charge of the Gladio armies and protocols that actively protected the right-wing extremists from the investigation, as useful in anti-Communist activities. The CPC was directed by the US with Britain and France minor partners, and the CIA members present at the meetings. Countries with its stay-behind armies were Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, …

The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. SHAPE, which controls Gladio.


The Belgian Baron De Bonvoisin would be in connection with fascist groups of CIA-NATO Operation Gladio and the massacres of Brabant (Nijvel Gang), who killed 28 people in Belgium. If dell’infanticida Dutroux, one of the persons nominated by the witnesses was the Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin. (The dark side of the Dutroux life)
Benoit De Bonvoisin.

Two former officers of the Royal Marine admitted they had spent time at Fort Monckton near Portsmouth, where members of MI6 and SAS were training the foreign Arena. The British press noted that “it is now clear that the regiment’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) was fully involved in NATO plans, and worked with MI6, training in guerrilla warfare and sabotage.” In particular, the British press confirmed that “unity Italian stay-behind was trained in Britain. Evidence suggests that this lasted until the ’80s, “adding that” it was shown that SAS built the hiding places for weapons stockpiled in the English West German industry “. The British knew more Swiss secret army of the Swiss government. “Activities, codes and name of the head of the P26 group, Efrem Cattelan, were known to British intelligence, but the Swiss government he was kept in the dark, according to the report.”

Efrem Cattelan

Some of the best data on the British secret presence are derived from parliamentary Swiss Swiss secret stay-behind army P26. The “British intelligence services cooperated closely with Swiss illegal armed organization (P26) through a series of secret agreements in the framework of the Western European network of” resistance “groups”, the press informed a stunned audience in neutral Switzerland. The Swiss judge Cornu was given the task of examining the issue and in his report “describes the collaboration of the group (P26) with the British Secret Service as” intense “, with Britain that provided valuable know-how. The paintings of P26 regularly participated in exercises in Britain, the report said. British advisors, maybe the SAS, visited the secret training establishments in Switzerland “. The Gladio member Alois Hurlimann, a Swiss, reported that in May 1984 he took part in secret training courses in the UK, also included real assaults on an IRA arms depot, where Hurlimann, fully dressed in camouflage, participated and in which at least one IRA activist was killed.

Giovanni De Lorenzo

31267The CIA uses swords to keep the “right” people in power. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and five months later the Italian Socialists were ousted from government by a coup orchestrated by the CIA right state unity and Gladio. Codenamed ‘Piano Solo’, the coup was led by General Giovanni De Lorenzo. In close collaboration with the covert war expert CIA Vernon Walters, the head of the CIA in Rome William Harvey Station and Renzo Rocca, director of the Gladio units in the military secret service SID, De Lorenzo intensified the shadow war. Rocca previously used his Gladio secret army to bomb the DC offices of some newspapers and, later, he accused the left to discredit communists and socialists … Gladiators received the blacklisting with hundreds of people with the explicit order to track socialists and communists reported, arrest them and deport them in Sardinia, where the Gladio secret center would serve as a prison. Then, June 14, 1964, De Lorenzo gave the go-ahead and his troops entered Rome with tanks, armored vehicles, jeeps and grenade launchers, while NATO forces staged a major military operation in the area to intimidate the Italian government. A second shot of the right state backed by the CIA, code-named Tora-Tora was scheduled for December 1970, but was stopped at the last minute. Reportedly, the phone call that interrupted was the same President Nixon. Consequently, the left continued to advance in Italy. Foreign Minister Aldo Moro, along with President Giovanni Leone, flew to the United States, but Kissinger told him that in any case the left had to go to the government. Aldo Moro’s wife, Eleanor, testifying that the words were addressed to her husband: “You have to give up the policy of wanting to collaborate directly with all the political forces of the country. Or you do it or you’ll pay. ‘ ” Moro was kidnapped and later killed. The Senate committee investigating Gladio and terrorist attacks, suspected that the CIA and Italian military secret service had organized the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro. The Italian senators concluded in June 2000 that “those massacres, those de bombs, those military actions were organized or promoted or supported by men of Italian institutions and, as was discovered later, by men linked to US intelligence structures”

Reagan and Vernon Walters

c30191-16aThe 15 year old Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in Rome. What is the sinister secret Vatican behind the teenager Emanuela. According to telephone a TV program (Who See? NDT): Emanuela was kidnapped as a favor to Cardinal Ugo Poletti. The boss Enrico De Pedis would provide young cardinals for sex. De Pedis was involved in Operation Gladio CIA, performing acts of terrorism in Italy. Enrico De Pedis was buried in a tomb of diamonds studded in the center of Rome Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, adjacent to the University of the Holy Cross Opus Dei. Some believe that the mafia boss De Pedis was the son of Cardinal Poletti, Vicar of Rome, very close to the former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. That “benefactor” of Enrico De Pedis, said “Renatino” .Emanuela-OrlandiIn Italy, the Masonic lodge P2 bound the worst belonging to the deep state. Deep state “is a parallel secret government, organized by the apparatus of intelligence and security, financed by drug trafficking and involved in criminal violence to protect the state and the interests of the military …” (The link between war and big business)
In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of 962 members of the P2, which contained the names of three government ministers and 43 members of parliament, 43 generals and admirals, 8 heads of the secret services and police commanders, senior bureaucrats and diplomats , industrialists, financiers, journalists and television personalities. Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky writes that Licio Gelli, the Grand Master of the P2, was an ally of Mossad and involved in Operation Gladio. (Down with Homicide SpA / Israel, Mossad, Iran and a nuclear attack false flag) Licio Gelli-Gladio 630x418L’Operazione-CIA-NATO committed acts of terrorism, such as the Bologna massacre of 1980. The leadership that they would have contacts with P-2 included: Henry Kissinger, Edmond de Rothschild and David Rockefeller. Gladio, NATO’s dagger in the heart of Europe. The axis Pentagon-Nazis-mafia-terrorism
In this essay a corollary of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, wet false flag operations and maintain Europe to US colony. The leaders are assassinated, the subverted movements. Beneath the surface, the empire dominates with death squads, as it has done in the south. The attack on Libya has unveiled an iron fist in the velvet glove of “humanitarian intervention slogan”. As the destruction of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan rape, reduced to virtual slave colony Libya was carried out under the NATO flag. And what exactly NATO? Richard Cottrell tells the story of mayhem and murder behind ‘ “Alliance for Peace”, and provides that the emerging fight the military giant to take control of strategic resources such as oil, gas, minerals and water everywhere on the planet. Masquerading as rear guard against the Soviet invaders, NATO’s secret forces have launched in psychological and physical terror. Those were the years of lead, in which hundreds died in synthetic War for Europe’s roads.

Lyman Lemnitzer

Portrait of Lyman Lemnitzer
Deputy chief of staff, General Lyman Lemnitzer. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The NATO commander General Lyman Lemnitzer ordered several attacks on the French President Charles de Gaulle. Resigned from the Pentagon by John F. Kennedy for insubordination, he found exile in Europe where Lemnitzer retaliated in Dallas. The secret armies forged links with organized crime and the neo-fascists. Shots NATO State beat the governments of Greece and Turkey; State of Cyprus island was divided with a sharp genocide. The urban guerrillas of the Red Brigades and the Baader-Meinhof gang was cleverly manipulated. Italy had a deep state government, the ultra-secret pseudo-masonic lodge P2, founded by ex-Black Shirts. The Swedish prime minister Olof Palme and the Italian prime minister Aldo Moro was murdered. Pope John Paul II was wounded by Turkish gangsters who worked as a killer of Gladio. In 2009, a task taken up by Gladio code-named Ergenekon emerged in Turkey. The shooting in Norway in July 2011, and in Belgium, France and Italy in 2012, report to the classic series of false flag operations Gladio.germany-belgium-attacksNato’s Secret Armies – Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.



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