By: Sonja


To: Our great people in the Province of Sweidaa:

Your past history in the struggle against the French occupation makes us certain that no power in this savage world nowadays, could change your attitude towards your government in Damascus, under the supervision of President Assad..and love towards your country Syria.

The soul of Sultan Basha  al-Atrash is still living in your minds and will give you and us the power in the strategy of how to fight DAASH..

Sultan Basa al – Atrash guided you strong Druze people in the resistance against the French occupation and its troops…You stood strong..and showed the world your courage as a strong honest people to fight the evil..You are now facing hard days, with many martyrs and are making great sacrifices towards your people.


Sultan Bash al-Atrash spririt and soul will guide you trough this new ordeal…as he guided you through the battles in Musefra and Maaza. Now your are facing ISIS or called DAASH…A new ordeal coming from the Western wolrd has come to you…

But detrermination will guide you towards victory upon DAASH and their western sponsors..Please, stand strong against these evil army and co-oprate with the great Syrian Army so you can achieve victory and keep your beautiful province, villages, cities be free of DAASH…

May Allah and the soul of Basa al- Atrash guide through this ordeal…