By: Sonja

boat refugees

When you are watching the news on the regular media nowadays, there is one thing that you cant ingnore. The indifference of the European politics in the issue of the thousands of refugees, who flee ashore of the coast of Italy, Greece, Spain and even Australia..or drown in the deep blue Mediterranean sea, which is the largest cemetry of Europe nowadays.

Let’s focus on the Netherlands..For days the politicians wasted their time to find a solution for the non-status Asylumseekers, who are here for many years, not able or willing to go back to their own country…Mind you, maby we speak about at the most of 100 people, among them are man, women and children,they are been  taking care of by churches or voluteers..In the context of this problem, is the daily arrival of thousands of people on the European shores of mainly Italy and Greece.


And now hold on to your chairs, Europe has decided to take 5000 refugees, they still call them migrants, the rest, well send them back on the boat or in the worst case scenario let them drown.

They call them migrants but actually they are the victims of the politics of he US and the European countries, their agression in the Middle east and Africa:

Libya: Didn’t the U.S. and its European vassals turn that place into a living hell when they intervened and got rid of Gaddafi? That was followed by the blowback in Benghazi, and a country with militias fighting one another for power.

Is it any wonder that scores of innocent people would want to leave this hell, and are willing to risk their lives on a smuggler’s boat with the hope that they might live?

Oh what a disaster these American/European military interventions produce.

In Italy’s Parliament, the leaders of foreign affairs and defense commissions pushed for the EU and the UN to prepare a naval blockade of Libya’s coast. Without one, “the traffickers will continue to operate and make money and the wretched will continue to die,” said Pier Fernando Casini, the Senate foreign affairs commission president.

Prepare a naval blockade of Libya? That’s basically telling those who are fleeing for their lives: “Sorry, we’re locking you in. Don’t even think about putting your life in danger at sea. We’re going to make sure that you have to dodge bullets instead.”

Also, look how this Italian politician tries to blame the smugglers, who “make money” by trying to smuggle people to safety. He wants to make sure that this life-saving service no longer “operates”.

These migrants are running for their lives because of US/European government actions. This is a government-created problem. It’s a military interventionist problem. It’s a problem of not minding your own business.

Leave it to a politician to brush that aside as if it never happened.

This was Lybia, now Syria,

boat 1

Hundreds to say at least thousands of them fleeing from Syria, through Turkey.. But this is a special case..  Why are the main refugees young man aged 18-25…Shouldn’t they be fighting off the terrorists in their home country Syria?

No because, they are the terrorist, 80% of them were member of Al-Nusra and other Takfiri brigades, which the west calls moderate rebels: Free Syrian Army, which Europe  gives money to them.

So now we have IS on a large scale in Europe and again the politician turn a blind eye..