the real Syrian Free Press

This post is part of a series of complaints against some perfidious ‘press’ and ‘media outlets’ that disseminate false informations, or distorted informations or aimed at creating in the public opinion misconceptions, misleading from reality.

Here’s another example of interview, and positive availability by President Bashar al-Assad, turned into ‘propaganda’ of war.

Insults, defamation, disinformation, is the practice of the propaganda, not of journalism, because instead of going into the merits of the arguments, it is limited to denigrate without really explain the real reasons, because otherwise everything would collapse.

This is a bad example of ‘ethical journalism’, because instead of providing correct information and evidence to endorse what is proposed to the public, are created combinations of images/ideas to encourage the public to think about things that were not always in reality explicitly said. This is one of the most regrettable mistakes, that any serious journalist learns not to do…

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