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By Ziad Fadel – SyrianPerspective

It is hard to imagine how much longer the rats of ISIS can hold out in Dayr El-Zor what with over 200 of their own being executed in Al-Raqqa for desertion last week.  So sad. 

The assault on the airbase, as you now know, was a flop.  4 separate efforts with the usual cast of suicidal derelicts from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan or Barfghanistan didn’t make one bit of difference or a whit of sense.  The army at the base is very well armed and led by a brilliant commander who’s not afraid to get in on the action.

Today, the SAA had a field day killing and sniping gathering rodents in this town on the Euphrates.  These are the confirmed carcasses:

  • Abu Al-Baraa` ‘Abbaas (LIBYAN SKUNK ODOR GLAND)
  • Jihaad ‘Arraaf Al-Madfoon
  • Ahmad Jaassim Al-Khalaf
  • ‘Izzeddeen Sibtaan Al-Naasser
  • Fu`aad Ahmad Majeed
  • Firaas ‘Abdul-Baaqi Ahmad…

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