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Scores of terrorists killed in army operations on Friday

6/12/2014 ~ As units of the Army and the Armed forces continued targeting positions and gatherings of terrorist organizations on Friday, many terrorists were left killed or wounded as a result of a series of operations in various areas across the country.


Army units killed scores of terrorists and injured others in the area surrounding Mount al-Arba’een, Binnesh, Ma’aret al-Numan and al-Sheikh Sindyan in the countryside of the northern province of Idleb.

Other units of the army killed and injured terrorists in the area between al-Harash al-Fouqani and al-Harash al-Tahtani in Jisr al-Shughour in the countryside.

Terrorists who attempted to infiltrate from the direction of Nahla town to Ard al-Biyada were also killed.


Army units killed and injured many terrorists in Rahoum village in the eastern countryside of the central province of Homs and in Point al-Hail in Palmyra…

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