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Conference for Palestinian communities in Europe convened in Damascus

Damascus, 29-30/11/2014 – Activities of the 3rd General Conference of the General Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe kicked off Saturday at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

Representatives of Palestinian resistance factions, Syrian national parties, political and popular unions and gatherings in Syria and Palestine are taking part in the two-day conference.

Assistant regional secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal stressed in a speech the importance of convening the conference in Damascus given that it represents a “cultural center for the Levant and the heart of Arabism.”

“The Syrian people only knows victory, and will never lose the compass in defending national and pan-Arab causes,” he affirmed.

He indicated that the scheme at work in Syria seeks to set up the so-called “New Middle East” on the wreckage of a nation “that history has always known…

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