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gorbachev_vt_rt_articleThis is a timely look at what an experienced Russian politiker, who at the time I had heard was a “being sent to bring peace to the Soviet Union and de-fuse the Cold War” (which I am quite sure the Western cabal types started (hey, they had to have some kind of “war” going on to keep all their war machine profits coming in)).


Gorbachev – Europe becoming irrelevant

[ Editor’s Note: It is always a breath of fresh air to have a grown up senior statesman get wide coverage on his comments on the current geopolitical insanity.

The contrast between Mr. Gorbachev’s comments below with the drivel we hear coming out of western leaders could not be a more clear confirmation of my long editorializing of the wasteland we have in the Western leadership arena.

Our own leaders have subverted our democracies in a two fold way. They…

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