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Fayssal Mikdad: “Syrian people won’t allow Turkish interference in Syria’s domestic affairs”

Damascus ~ Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said the Syrian people, who are confronting terrorism with epic steadfastness, have the exclusive right to choose their leadership and determine their future.

Mikdad was addressing ambassadors and accredited heads of diplomatic missions in Damascus whom he met Friday to brief them on the dangers of the Turkish government’s policies.

He said the Syrian people won’t allow any interference in their domestic affairs by the Turkish government or any other, stressing that they are more determined than ever to foil the schemes targeting Syria’s unity and territorial integrity.

He indicated that the Turkish policies are a flagrant violation of the UN Charter that calls for respecting the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs.

The Turkish government’s decision illustrates the Turkish policy in offering all…

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