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Total week took Russian defense industry to meet an urgent request for the supply of modern Baghdad heavy rocket and artillery. Apparently, supplied weapons to Iraq, even to the detriment of their own supply, the Russian army. And made these purchases, most likely on the money of the United States, announcing sanctions against Russia as defense.

“Over the last month is the second delivery of weapons to Baghdad. Moreover, against the background of the declarations made by Washington’s military-technical support of the Government of Iraq “
Externally TOS-1 looks like a T-72 tank, which replaced the tower package guides, enclosing thirty 220-mm rockets. Each of them is equipped with FAE warhead with thermobaric mixture. Hitting the target, such a charge sprays chemical spray that instantly fills the living quarters, shelters and explodes, creating a temperature of a thousand degrees.


Blow “sun” is similar to Apocalypse…

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