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2 Christians, a father and a husband, watching wife and daughter get brutally raped by mercenaries of the terrorist group denominated ISIS (or ISIL, same crap) because they couldn’t pay them the ‘Jizya’ (a religious tax) in Mosul, Iraq, killed themself under the weight of the trauma.

A report from the AINA (Assyrian International News Agency) said ISIS began enforcing their ‘Islamic laws’ (that has nothingto do with local traditional Islam) in the northern Iraq city which they overran on June 10.

Dr. Sallama Al-Khafaji of the Iraq High Commission for Human Rights said the incident happened on Saturday after ISIS began asking Christians in Mosul for a poll tax.

“In one instance, ISIS members entered the home of an Assyrian family in Mosul and demanded the poll tax (jizya). When the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother…

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