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~ Gaza ~ July 22, 2014 ~

Zionists Air strikes on Gaza rise the number of Palestinian deaths to 604, over 3600 civilians wounded, entire families still under the rubble


Quds Press Agency reported this morning that Zionist criminal regime is firing chemical gas bombs, internationally banned, on densly populated area of Gaza city


15 IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) soldiers killed by Palestinian resistance, 39 Injured in heavy clashes in the evening of July 21, in Khan Yunis and Shojae


Zionist sniper shot dead by Abu Ali Mostafa Brigades in Magazi Region


Palestinian Resistance blows up an Israeli Merkava tank while attempting to infiltrate Tuffah region in Gaza


Confirmed: Colonel Dulif Kibar, Commander of Ketibutul Cifun (linked to Military Intelligence), killed with 25 IOF soldiers

Colonel Dulif Kibar

60 IOF soldiers badly injured around Gaza Border this morning, July 22


Al-Aqsa Tv: One of the Zionist ships bombarding Gaza was targeted by Palestinian…

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