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Syria’s 21st century ‘International Brigades’could sow domestic terror worldwide

NEW YORK — A 22 year old Florida man sets off a suicide bomb in Syria. Seven Dutch jihadis are killed in combat with Syrian army units. A Frenchman, just returned from Syria, kills four people at a Jewish museum in Brussels.
Those are some of the shocking stories which emerge from the civil war in Syria which has now spilled over into Iraq, as radicalized Muslim extremists leave the USA, Britain, and Europe to pursue a religious and ideologically driven jihad in the cauldron of the Middle East.
The ranks of these foreign fighters have grown to at least 7,000 according to U.S. intelligence officials.

Many of these fighters have been inspired and loosely linked by social media as well as many radical mosques, especially in Britain and France.
At issue is not simply…

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