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Syrian Arab Army units tightened grip on terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in continuous military operations Sunday in several areas around the country.

Army units continued operations against terrorists’ hideouts and destroyed weapons and ammunition in eastern Ghouta and several other towns in Damascus countryside.

SANA field reporter said dens for terrorists were destroyed with the weapons and ammunitions inside in a string of operations in Jobar neighborhood, in parallel with similar operations in Zamalka and Erbin that left several terrorists killed and their weapons destroyed.

Weaponry and ordnance, including automatic shotguns and heavy machineguns were destroyed during an army operation against a terrorists’ den in Alia farms in Douma. Omar Badran was identified among the dead.

Members of an armed group were either killed or wounded in Ain Tarma with their weapons destroyed, and terrorists were killed in Kafr Batna while an army operation on the outskirts…

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