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The Syrian Armed Forces have launched an offensive against foreign-backed mercenaries holed up in the suburbs of the northwestern city of Idlib

Fierce clashes have erupted in Syria’s Idlib Province as government forces repel an attack by foreign-backed terrorists in al-Hamidiyeh front near northwestern city of Maarat al-Numaan.

Reports say Syrian forces repelled the attack on key checkpoints in the troubled region on Friday and targeted several targets of terrorist gangs within the area.

The report added that the armed gangs have already announced immediate ceasefire following the fierce attacks exerted by Syrian army troops in the city of Maarat al-Numaan and surrounding areas.

The Syrian army is also making progress in its operation to retake control of northern fronts in Idlib to pave the ground for further infiltration to terrorist groups’ strongholds. Bruma fields are the main location of struggles between Syrian army troops and jihadist mercenaries.

Syrian forces…

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