Friends of Syria

An American author and investigative journalist says CIA director John Brennan who is “a known Saudiphile” has played a key role in the creation and rise of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).


Wayne Madsen made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday, saying Washington’s trainings and provision of arms and cash to militants in Iraq and Syria gave rise to the brutal militancy.

As with al-Qaeda whose origin is traceable to “the US war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan,” Madsen explained, “we’ve once again supported and trained and given cash to the same elements and now we’ve got the rise of ISIL in Iraq and Syria and possibly they’re going to take this war into Jordan and beyond because they’ve changed their name now to the Islamic caliphate, [or] the Islamic state.”

On Sunday, US President Barack Obama…

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