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The Syrian army has the ability to fend off waves of Tomahawks launched by the U.S.. Part 1

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyers have on board up to 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles (TLAM) and submarine attack on Los Angeles class – 40, are not new to the Syrian army.Neither the strategic bombers B-52, which may take 20 Tomahawks (CALCM), 8 rotary launchers (there are only 8 to reduce fuel consumption) and 6 under the wings.Or that cruise missile has in memory a predetermined trajectory, the missile once released, can not be changed.

Cruise missiles can be launched in salvo, but only one at a time from each destroyer and submarine (by wave of cruise missiles 5-15), the distance between them is at least 20 to 30 km . This is a safety device to prevent midair collisions.

The next wave of cruise missiles can be launched only after…

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