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An apparent U.S. contradiction…that is instead a calculated military intelligence operation: to finance and support the “moderate rebels” with weapons that later, they well know, will inevitably fall into the hands of the “non-moderate rebels”. So was in Afghanistan, so was in Iraq, so it is in Syria … because do not exist “moderate terrorists”, because the United (Zionist) States of America are a fake democracy, because this is the true face of the today global tyranny, who uses ruthless foreign mercenaries to carry out the dirty work for the empire of ZOG around the world, without getting their hands dirty, presenting themselves to their voters with smiling and clean faces, as bearers of ‘peace’, or rather, Nobel Prize for peace…As Lucifer says he is the ‘light bearer’, so they (Lucifer’s kids) bear their own peace… (have you ever heard of the “Lucifer Trust”…

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