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Time to tell the Saudis some home truths
Roger Boyes

RogerBoyes RogerBoyes

Saudi Arabia’s wealth should not buy our silence. Its funding of jihadists threatens our security
Ever since the Prince of Wales dressed up to perform a sword dance in the desert in February, it has been clear that Saudi Arabia remains a good customer for British weaponry. The pricing dispute on the latest batch of Typhoon jets has been settled, the orders are flowing and 5,000 jobs in Lancashire are safe.
Good customers, however, do not always make good allies. Over the past year Saudi Arabia has been working against our interests. The kingdom is still, of course, part of western security thinking. And much of the unravelling of the Middle East can be blamed
التايمز اللندنية || السعودية تدعم الارهاب وتشتري صمت الغرب


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