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Mercenaries from the so-called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) terror group have waged an attack on the holiest sites of Shia Muslims in the Iraqi city of Samarra in another act of terrorism.

According to reports on Wednesday, the Takfiri militants fired rockets near the shrines of Shia Imams in the holy city.

Reports also said that at least fourteen people, including a woman and a child, lost their lives in the attack.

The city, located nearly 120 kilometers (74 miles) north of Baghdad, is home to the holy shrines of two Shia Imams and a major pilgrimage site visited by tens of millions of Muslims annually despite the tense security situation in the area.

In 2006, the holy sites came under similar attacks by al-Qaeda militants.

Iraq is currently witnessing a wave of violence unprecedented in recent years.

On June 10, the ISIS militants took…

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