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Syrian Army resumed Saturday its national duty in hunting armed terrorist groups, having sweeping operations against terrorists in different areas.

Army units killed terrorists, mostly non-Syrians, from the so-called “Islam Army” and “Al-Baraa Brigade”, and destroyed their weaponry and ammos in a string of operations in Damascus countryside.

Army unit pounded terrorists’ dens to the east of Maysaloun roundabout, in the northeast of the Teaschers’ Tower and near the Schools’ Complex in Jobar, with terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islam Army getting killed and their weapons destroyed.

Moreover, army units carried out operations in al-Shifounieh farms and Tal Kerdi in Douma, killing several non-Syrian terrorists, among them Abdul-Kader al-Rifai, a Jordanian, and the terrorists Jihad Mahrat and Muhannad Barghouth.

In the eastern and northern farms of al-Mliha town, terrorists were killed and others wounded from the so-called “Al-Baraa Brigade”. Misbah Darwish, leader of a terrorist…

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