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Bashar al-Assad’s presidential mandate is a clear message from the people to trust him as the best leader to fight against international plot which is using jihadist mercenaries terrorist as USA/Zionist’s puppets.


June 09, 2014 – Members of the People’s Assembly said during a session Sunday that re-election of President Bashar al-Assad in the June 3 vote is a continuation of the national efforts to preserve national and pan-Arab principles.

“The elections’ results were a renewed public mandate to go ahead with Syria’s battle against terrorism and its backers and funders,” Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said.

He added that they are also a mandate to continue with political reform and national reconciliations.

Al-Laham highlighted that the presidential election was a success thanks to the achievements of the Syrian army and the high turnout of the people who “answered the homeland’s call” and streamed to say their word and…

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