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The Obama’s mercenary cannibals obey the orders to slaughter the Syrian population


~ Terrorist attack by jihadist mercenaries on Aleppo suburbs kills 63 citizens.

Terrorist gangs fired a rocket on government-controlled areas of Aleppo suburbs, killing 63 people over the weekend.The death toll from the attacks by Islamist mercenaries includes many children.

~ Truck Bomb Attack Kills 10 in  Homs

A truck bomb attack killed at least 10 people at a village in the central Syrian province of Homs, national television broadcast said.

The terrorist explosion in Haraqi village in Homs province was caused by a tanker truck bomb, loaded with large amount of explosives.

Haraqi is a patriots-held village. The initial toll says 10 people were killed, and major damage was caused to houses.

The attack, that comes on the eve of the presidential election, is with the intention to target areas under the control of the Syrian…

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