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Jobar: 300-400 mt length tunnel found in the middle of a military operation.

The Syrian Arab Army has uncovered a 300 to 400 meter-long tunnel with a depth of over 12 meters that was dug from Al-Qaaboon to Jawbar (Jobar).  

This was under the command of Jabhat Al-Islam, containing all kinds of tools and evidence about the complicity-management by Saudi/Zionist/American military intelligence.


The army units targeted terrorists in many areas in al-Lujat and in al-Kassarqa in Daraa countryside, killing scores of terrorists and destroying two vehiles loaded with weapons and ammunition.

A military source said that the army inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in the area of Daraa al-Balad, killing and injuring many terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

In the same context, the army units targeted an armed terrorist group’s members in Ebb village, killing and injuring most of them.

Units of the…

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