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Just some photos to give you an idea of the hell that is experiencing the martyr city of Aleppo.

In one of these pictures (above) you can see a terrorist with a gas cylinder, used as a rudimental shells without any marksmanship, on which is written “gift from the mujahedeen to those who go to vote”.

A study of the UN declared Aleppo as the second largest city destroyed by war, after Hiroshima, thanks to the deadly weapon used exclusively on civilians.

In the past 3 days, the “guns of hell” (visible in the other 2 photos) fired about 40 shots, causing hundreds of deaths and about 400 injuries, with the consequent serious shortage of blood in the hospitals of the area.



Terrorist takfirist groups, ape-mujahideens, Nusra Front rats, Free Satanic Army, promised 1000 of these bombs during the day of the presidential election.

ISIL mercenaries, for…

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