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Guinean Cardinal Robert SarahThe United States, Russia and the Middle East must “find the courage for united action” on Syria, the Vatican said Thursday.

The international community “must shake off its lethargy,” Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Vatican ‘Cor Unum’ department which coordinates Roman Catholic charities, said in an interview.

“It’s paradoxical that a missile landing on a militant post is bigger news than a population dying of hunger and extreme poverty,” he said.

Arming and trainingarmed gangsis notcoherentwith pacifist’alleged statementsof some nations,” said CardinalRobert Sarah,withaa clear and unambiguousreferenceto those powers,headed by the U.S., who have neverstopped funding, arming andtrainterrorist groupsofvarious organizationsin Syria.

The failed Geneva II talks “cannot mark the end of the peace strategy. The courage must be found for united action, above all from…

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