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The Syrian opposition of foreign terrorists, serial killers & drug dealers, experts in beheadings, crucifixions, summary executions, abductions and cannibalism, have their diplomatic status in the UK & USA, and the total support (from US) for the above crimes of $287 million.


West Funds Insurgencies

~ By Felicity Arbuthnot – Informationclearinghouse – 21/5/2014 ~

Thursday, May 15 marked Nakba Day, Yawm an-Nakba, “Day of Catastrophe”, the onset of the displacement of up to 800,000 Palestinians, at the time 67% of the population, followed by the destruction of over 500 villages since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, under the commitment agreed to by the then British Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, in November 1917.

This week: “Figures released by the Ramallah-based Central Bureau of Statistics … put the number of registered Palestinian refugees at 5.3 million. Those refugees live in 58 United Nations-run camps in Syria, Lebanon…

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