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Locals of Homs Old City on Saturday continued flocking to their hometown and inspected their homes, shops and properties.

In the framework of the combing operation in the Old City, the authorities found a field hospital containing medical equipment and medicine in al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood.

They also detected and dismantled 5 explosive devices planted by the terrorists in the surrounding of the neighborhood. The explosive devices were of various forms and sizes.

The Syriansarepeopleofgood will, generous, creative, they will rebuildthe citybetter than before.

The only thingthatTakfiriststerrorists knowto do isdigthe graveswith their own hands: then,cover them withearth,will bethe task of theboys and girlsthe Syrian ArabArmy, thevolunteer corpsoftheNational DefenseForcesandthe International Brigadesfightingalongside them, ArabNationalistGuardand Hezbollah

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