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Enormous attack on Aleppo old city antiquities.

terrorists blow up tunnels they dug under archeological buildingS.

huge material damage, at least 1 SAA soldier killed.

Reports from local Agencies & Military Reporters: ~ Enormous attack on Aleppo old city, in the antiquities and archeological area, has been launched by foreign backed mercenary terrorists gangs this Thursday morning.

Theterrorist attackhas beencarried outby blowing upthe tunnelsthat weredug outand expandedbyterrorist gangsinthearchaeologicalandhistoric arealocatedin the old townof Aleppowithin the walls.

The terrorist attackcaused enormousandinestimabledamage to structures, consideredan immense treasureandhistorical heritageunique in the world.

But most of allhave been reportedmanyhuman victims, mostly civilianswho livedin homesabove the tunnels, including also a Syrian soldier.


Terrorist blast further destroyed a hotel and…

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