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SAA-20140504-750SANA Military Reports ~ Saturday & Sunday 3-4 May 2014

Syrian Arab Army continued its national mission in pursuing the armed terrorist groups, advancing in a number of strategic areas and having successful operations against terrorists’ gatherings.

Army units razed Saturday and Sunday more terrorist groups’ gatherings and dens, leaving numbers of terrorists dead and wounded and destroying heavy machine guns mounted on vehicles.

Following are the news, video and full transcriptions, of the events







Army advances in Aleppo, killing many terrorists

Military source: Army units seized control over Tallet Halab (Aleppo Hill) to the west of the Industrial City of al-Sheikh Najjar, after having eliminated numbers of terrorists.

Military source: Army units flattened tunnels and fortifications where terrorists holed up, and discovered a bomb-making factory, ammos depots, six 120 mm mortar cannons and large amounts of weapons.

Army units neutralized several explosive devices and…

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