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Interpol searching for Austrian (of Bosniac origin) teen jihadists in Syria

According to the Daily Mail authorities in Austria believe that two teenage girls who vanished from their homes in Vienna on April 10 may have been tricked into going to Syria to fight for the Islamic takfirist terrorists (for the Sex-Jihad, a sort of Wahhabi sexual abuse perversion).

Samra Kesinovic, 16, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, went to fight a “holy war” (for the fat Saudi pig monarch).

The-2-Austrian-idiots-Samra-Kesinovic-and-Sabina-SelimovicThe 2 Austrian takfirists idiots, Samra-Kesinovic and Sabina-Selimovic

The girl’s parents told the Dnevni Avaz (Daily Voice), a newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the pair had left behind letters in which they said they were going to Syria to fight for Islam.

Sabina Selimovic’s father said she had left a letter hidden in her books which read, “We’re going to fight for Islam…

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