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The dayof the presidential electionnears(June 3)andTakfiristsbecomemorecriminalsthan usual,going crazyof angerbecause they knowthat the Syrian peopleby a large majorityloves and wantsBashar al-Assad.

Terrorist Mortar and Rocket Attacks Claim 7 Lives in Damascus and Homs.


4 civilians killed, 41 injured in mortar terrorist attacks in Damascus

Two citizens were killed and another 23 wounded due to terrorist attack with a mortar round launched on Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus.

A source at the Police Command said that a mortar shell landed in the vicinity of Bab Touma Square near al-Thaqafi Mosque, killing two citizens and wounding 23.

The attack also caused material damage in the area.

Meanwhile, a source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that two civilians were killed and 36 were injured in three terrorist mortar attacks on the area surrounding Dar al-Salam school and…

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