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terrorist-in-syria-whit-BGM-71 TOW-20140420

United States and Saudi apes have provided limited advanced US-made anti-tank systems to supply some mercenary groups operating in Syria, according to the magazine ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

According to Saudi and Syrian opposition representatives cited by the business magazine, USA is checking if he can find a reliable partner able to ensure that advanced weapons do not fall into the hands of too extremist groups.

The newly created ‘moderate’ terrorist group so called ‘Harakat Hazm’ said it had received 10 anti-tank missiles BGM-71 TOW in early April, near Aleppo and Idlib, two cities torn by intense fighting next to the border with Turkey.

I want to make clear that our allies are supplying these missiles only to moderate reliable groups“, said one of the group leaders as quoted by ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

misiles antitanque estadounidenses BGM-71 TOW-20140420

Some of the TOW devices are coming into Syria since last March, and are…

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