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(this videohas been downloadedand saved,it does not matterif theyerase it, we have it)


Source RT – 15 April 2014 – Recently emerged videos and photos show Syrian rebels armed with what experts say are US anti-tank rockets (on the van in the video, nbe). These are the first significant American-built armaments to be seen in the country, as the ‘civil war’ reaches a stalemate.

Although it was not possible to independently verify the footage – most of which has now been removed from YouTube – analysts said that BGM-71 TOW anti-tank rockets, made by the US, were shown in the videos. However, they added that the rockets could have been supplied by an American ally such as Saudi Arabia, possibly with Washington’s tacit agreement, Reuters reported.

“With US-made TOW anti-tank missiles now seen in the hands of three groups in…

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