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Army ambushes terrorists in Adra area, kills 20 terrorists and arrests others.

Army on Monday launched successful operations against the armed terrorists groups across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them.


Army eliminates 20 terrorists, arrests others in ambush in Adra, Damascus Countryside

An army unit sprang an ambush for terrorists in the industrial area of Adra in Damascus Countryside while the terrorists were trying to flee from the Eastern al-Ghota into Bi’er al-Kasab and al-Dmair, killing 20 members of the so-called Jaish al-Islam (Islam army) and arresting others.

SANA’s correspondent on the ground quoted an army field commander as saying that with the help of locals, the army detected the movement of a terrorist group affiliated to Jaish al-Islam towards Adra area, and that these terrorists intended to flee all the way to training camps in Jordan as the morale of terrorists in al-Ghouta area is flagging, but…

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