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LATAKIA: The astounding firepower of the SAA ground forces took a massive toll on mostly Saudi and Chechen rodents in the triangle called Kassab-Khirbat Soolaan-Bayt Haleebiyya.

Desperate vermin were intercepted contacting their Turk MIT handlers in Urdu Camp demanding immediate help “or else”. 

The gambit only paid off in allowing 3 caravans of wounded rodents to escape into Turkey where they were greeted by angry mobs of Turkish citizens who would not let them into hospitals. 

As of this writing, the SAA has confirmed the deaths of 601 rats, almost all from foreign countries like the Monkey Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Never-Never Land of Chechnya.

SAA-20140326-ZIADYesterday, Syria lost another military hero, a giant among the embattled Christians, Colonel Samu`eel Ghannoom, who was killed when a Saudi-driven car-bomb laden with over 1,000 kilograms of TNT and C-4 rammed the Checkpoint 45 in a BMW and detonated it. …

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