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Army operations in #Damascus Countryside result in heavy losses among terrorists

Army units destroyed terrorist hideouts along with the weapons and ammo inside them in #Yabroud and its northern and eastern entrances in Damascus Countryside, eliminating a number of terrorists including Wael Bittar and Mohammad al-#Hawa.

Army units clashed with terrorist groups in several areas in #Daraya, destroying eight vehicles along with the weapons and ammo inside them and killing a number of terrorists, in addition to injuring three terrorist group leaders southeast of #Sayyeda Sukaina Shrine.

The army destroyed weapons and ammo which were being transported in a car and killed six terrorists from the Islamic Front in Adra city and #Adra workers city, in addition to eliminating most members of a terrorist group and destroying their weapons and equipment during a special operations in Aliya farms in #Douma area.

Other units pursued terrorists in Jobar area, eliminating a…

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