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Obama & Netanyahu

More than ever, not only are groups in the US against Israels Apartheid, and nearly everything Israel stands for, but the boycott movements are on the rise in huge numbers in other countries as well. While Israel thinks because it has a powerful nation like America behind it, it gives them the right to break many international laws. WRONG!

What they fail to recognize, the “people” wont stand for their tax dollars supporting this as countries fall more poor by the day. While the United States is running from country to country trying to destroy it for the sake of this nasty little state called Israel, the momentum grows to divest from, and boycott Israel, even from Israelis themselves. The more they do, the more people are standing against them. Keep going Israel soon enough, you will have your day.

The more “Nutty-Yahood” steals the occupied land of the Palestinians…

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