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Geneva-2, Bashar al-Jaafari : “No solution while Syrians are suffering under terrorism”

Feb 15, 2014 ~ Geneva – The final session of the second round of talks of the international conference on Syria, Geneva 2, was held with a joint session between Syria’s official delegation and the coalition delegation in the presence of UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar #Brahimi was held Saturday at the UN HQ in Geneva.

The official delegation said that the final session of the second round of talks of Geneva 2 conference ended without reaching an agreement on the agenda despite that Syria’s official delegation agreed on it.



#Bashar_al-Jaafari : “We insisted on considering each item separately in the dialogue within the draft agenda, to reach an agreement on each of them, because such an accord would reflect positively on other items.”

#Bashar_al-Jaafari : “The item of combating terrorism or any other item…

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