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RANA KABBANI – Employee of The Guardian

Rana Kabbani1

There used to be a day when papers had some credibility as the writers took pride in bringing truth to the masses. This is how a reputation was built, or destroyed. This is how one paper would rise above others. Stories were checked, and checked again for credible sources containing facts. This is no longer the case with many many papers, or online papers, etc. It has become a popularity contest in a media war. Fuck the facts!

Rana Kabbani has the rantings of a woman scorned as if she was the mistress of Syria who never got what she wanted out of the relationship.

Who is this former BBC contributor and raving lunatic paid to write for the Guardian?

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Well, I cant tell you WHAT Rana Kabbani is, but I can tell you what she is NOT.

Rana Kabbani is NOT a Syrian, but rather an

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