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Bahri Tanırcan, whose van was stolen and taken to Syria by terrorists, states that the police did not take care of it although he informed the security forces.

A van in Adana with the license plate  01 CLR 35 was reported stolen by Bahri Tanırcan, who runs a car rental business and is the owner of the van. Tanırcan reportedly informed the police and gendarmerie that terrorists had stolen the van and were taking it to Syria, however no criminal complaint was not filed by the police, Mr Tanırcan stated. The missing van is claimed to be one of 4 vehicles that may be used in probable terrorist attacks.

The police officers of Adana and the Military Police Command alerted all security forces in the city after they received information that 3 vans with the license plates Mr Tanırcanof 79 AR 407, 01 CLR 35, 10 RH 142 and a foreign…

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