Nidal Nu’aysa –

Private Levant TV

Translated and modified by: Sonja van den Ende

To justify the failure and fall of the revolution , today there is a  clear and apologetic tone high in the media ”  set out  that ” victory for  the  ” Islamic Front  are organized by “Saudi Arabia,  even the so-called  ” Free Syrian Army  , are organizations fabricated by the regime from Saudi Ariab according to the  Syrian intelligence.

A statment by” Ali Mamlouk (Ali Mamlouk (Arabic: علي مملوك‎) (born 19 February 1946) is a special security adviser to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and is one of his trusted men.[1] Mamlouk is also head of the Ba’ath Party’s National Security Bureau. Ali Mamluk was born in Damascus into an Sunni family on 19 February 1946.[2][3] There is another report giving his birth year as 1945.[4] His family is originally from İskenderun (Hatay in Turkey)  says:

The reason for the failure of the rebels is that they are not peaceful , because of  their repeated aggressions against the Syrian people,  also against the poor and innocent,  their goal to wipe them out and exterminate them,  chop their heads and cut their throats, most of  them are from foreign nationalities , number one is Saudi Arabia, then from Chechnya , Libya Kuwait,  Tunisia, America , French , British, Belgian , and many many more.

To come to terms with this issue,  the playoffs of the different rivalry groups, ” Jahbat al Nusra,” which ofcourse is ” Al-Queda (ISIL)  , the  terrorists are having their disputs on Syrian territory , which is linked to a greater conflict and conflict of  subordination between  these factions, regional and international organizations and the complexity of loyalties  and conflicts between financiers and leaders. Also between the  regional leaders of these terrorist organizations and they claim eligibility and are exclusive guilty of the  shedding of the blood of the innocent Syrian people. Furthermore,  they are competing  with each other on who owns this right, and who has the competence and capacity  of shedding the blood and who killed the most Syrian people, in addition there is a sharp competion by  Saudi arabia, Turkey  who have outsourcing  assignments of the  destruction and killing of the Syrian people ordered  by the largest contractor the  U.S.  and then  Saudi Arabia . The dependence of each of these factions to one of these countries has led to the explosion of armed conflicts between them , but the results are  sadly  and  not in   the interest of ” the Syrian  system  and people. Who are standing by  and watching the  rivaly enemies and their liquidations between themselves  and bloody confrontations, unforgiving and brutal expression, of an absolute loyalty to the sponsors of the so-called revolution .

What remains of what was called ” the Syrian Free Army ” , is trying to organize their  military capacity, continue to organize the international branch of Syria , established and trained by both Turkey and Qatar.

Saudi  Arabia is sponsoring the  most important and the most powerful branches of Al-Qaeda in the world,  ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) sponsored under the the special supervision of  the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan , this is no secret to anybody anymore  he   demonstrated this during his visits  to Moscow and spoke about the extent of his involvement and its involvement of terrorism , murder and crime in Syria ,  Bandar has threatened to President Putin , implicitly , through the leaked minutes of the meetings, the announcement of bomb attacks during  the Winter Games in   Sochi, Russia  starting  in February 2014. There is  a clear tendency by the sponsors, regional and international ,  how  humiliating  and degradating for their treatments, and aknowledge the fiasco  by the shepherds of the so-called   revolution  of the Syrian people , to blame the  system (the Syrian government, of whom they speak of Regime) be responsible for everything , violence , murder and crime , and the acquittal of terrorists, they call them revolutionaries ( mercenaries ) blamed for failure. The defeats and a black destiny glooms for the terrorists , disintegration   impressionable multiple conflicting interests  and strategies in conflict with each other ,  everyone wants to monopolize  victory and achievement , to show the Westerners their achievements.

Hence , the United States , are having  innocent  blood of the Syrian  people on their hands , this has nothing to do anymore with whatever is happening to support the ” so called peacuful rebels.  The  children , and  demonstrators do not have lethal  or non-lethal weapons , they do not train terrorist groups and have presence of experts in Jordan, Turkey , and Saudi Arabia , nor send terrorists and murderers, international mercenaries from the four corners of the earth to Syria , or backed these terrorists with weapons and the media , this is what Turkey, under the rule of Erdogan does , also  France,  Holland ,  Britain under the rule of  Cameron ,  Kings and rulers of the Persian Gulf   and the rest of the  so-called ” Friends ” Syria ,  reduced are the friend of Syria from of one  hundred and fifty countries to eleven countries , representing today the  hostility against Syria , and this is  all happening in Syria,  in less than three years, this  sytem (of killing), which they consider is the best sytem for the well-being of the Syrian people.

Thus , everyone (named above) is guilty of the blood of the  Syrian people  and they claim (the so-called friend of Syria ) that they  just want to protect the Syrian people  from the oppression of the military machine system tractor of the Syrian government.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Michel Suleiman (Lebanon)  Kuwait (Al-Sabah),  the UAE  (Al- Zayed ), Bahrain , Tunisia, Libya , France, Britain, the United States  and the rest of the ” choir ” of friends, all of them have nothing to do with what is happening in Syria , do not interfere in their affairs and do not supply the fighters weapons of non-lethal?   and the money ?  They are not interested in equipping the Syrian people, they are interested in chaos and destruction of Syria and the whole of the Middle-east, aiming at renewed colonisation and Imperialistic thoughts.

This regime (the above mentioned countries)  is behind the organization of the victory , which (the mercenaries and terrorists) is formed and trained and launched on Syrian territory . This  system ,, which is behind the Free Syrian Army  is disruptive destructive  and criminal at  the whole territory of Syria. The system is based on attacking army positions and targeting  the finest  and best officers and soldiers of the army and kill them because, they do not kill peaceful demonstrators from Chechnya  the Chinese province of Jingyang  etc. .

The system is  bombing  the Syrian cities, killing and injuring innocent civilians in Syria .  The system is under control of Al-Queda and Jabat al-Nusra is ISIL, they are also the one who are targeting the   infrastructure, services such as electricity, water , health, education , bridges and tunnels , the complete destruction of Syria The westerns and so-called friends of Syria are still referring to them as revolutionaries, even when they commit terrorist attacks,  bombings etc.

Conclusion the Syrian government still accused by them as a country with a Dictator, Military Regime, dropping bombs on their civilians  heads, accused of many more attrocities are still , thanks to God, in control of Syria. The system of these countries has not yet had the power of overthrowing the Syrian Government and may God protect the Syrian government and the Syrian people to withstand this terrible ordeal.