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Syrian negotiators at Geneva-2 claim that the torture pictures disclosed two days before the conference are faked while a CHP spokesman states that the law office which presented the pictures also represents PM Erdoğan.


Source: AydinlikDaily ~ Posted by GUEST on Network

Syrian negotiators in Geneva-2 speaking to Aydınlık Newspaper stated that they take the pictures which were released 3 days ago seriously and demanded a close examination to prove their authenticity. Authorities claimed that the pictures in question evoke the fact that Colin Powell, former American Minister of Foreign Affairs had turned in similar faked pictures of weapons of mass destruction to UN before the invasion of Iraq.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of main opposition party CHP, Haluk Koç held a press conference claiming that PM Erdoğan is a client of the law firm which disclosed the torture pictures.

Carter-Ruck, the law firm based in London, is…

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