Writer: Nedal Naisseh

Exclusive Levant TV


The Daily Star newspaper mentions that: ”Rebels of various persuasions, from the mainstream Free Syrian Army to the conservative Islamists of the Islamic Front, have found common cause in trying to stem the influence of Al-Qaeda in Syria..”

When we read such stuff in the media I think it just would be for a certain purpose, mainly, as a way of naturalizing, marketing and legalizing al Qaeda and  Islamist multi-national groups  in Syria under the title ” Syrian Revolution” and, fully,  supported by the West.

First of all, we must correct and add very important information that these armies and forces are not purely Syrian-manned ones, but they are, in fact, an odd mixture of strangers, mercenaries and  western security companies staffs  from all over the world, even from Scandinavian countries, as well as sleeping Al Qaeda cells in the heart of western capitals.  These information are according to western media, reports and statistics. Moreover there are no such moderate Islamist groups at all among them. I think here western media is marketing them as moderate in order to legalize their terror, as well as presence in Geneva II. In fact, this is still not the question at all.  The question is who is standing behind them? What for? And who is their regional and international sponsors, and what has all that to do with the Game of Nations which is taking place in Syria?  

This is on one hand. On the other one, it became useless, as well as it is helpless for these forces to make any considerable penetration on the regime’s military front. The war is now taking shape of a War of Attrition and the regime is winning. Now, no influential Western official is talking, any more, about regime change, toppling down President Assad, or uttering a single word regarding Assad’s departure as a precondition for convening Geneva II. It is widely believed, that this new Saudi-backed wave of terrorism, and phase of destruction will never influence the regime which, very surprisingly, absorbed all the previous shocks and the first waves of terror, reversing, at the same time, the direction of the struggle from defense into attack.

American Labyrinth

 First of all, and in principle, what Obama is doing, and other U.S presidents used to do, in Syria and elsewhere through changing regimes by force,  is, in fact, a mere flagrant and rejected intervention in internal affairs of an independent sovereign state, in violation of all UN convention, resolutions and principles.  It’s being thought that US has, apparently, given up its agenda in Syria, but this seems to be far from truth as  Robert Ford is, still, gathering, and dictating his “boys” in the opposition from time to time. He is much viewed as the patron, God father, spokesman  and only the sponsor of the so-called Syrian external “five-stars” petro-dollar nurtured opposition, giving them his orders, instructions and valued peerless recommendations to down President Assad

The U.S has, finally, realized that President Assad has a deep and wide popularity even inside the so-called free zones,  especially after the atrocities, horrors and crimes committed by the mercenaries (revolutionaries), in Syria, which created a popular public nostalgic mood to get back to the old Syrian regime which  better protected people, and provided them with basic semi-free services, and to abandon the so called Revolution which proved to be a cover of an external aggression against Syria and the Syrian people. The U.S has, finally, realized that is impossible to overcome the Syrian Government Army with its regional and international extensions, and with the full and determined support of Syria’s real friends in Tehran, Moscow and Beijing. The mainly Islamist opposition itself is, shattered, scattered, divided and rivalled with each other, with separate and different agendas according to the sponsors’ and financers’ agendas, and it is impossible to be unified  under one banner or  goal. This will have a bad impact on Geneva II, whose goal is to find one homogeneous negotiating team, unlike, and drastically different from the regime’s front which seems more consistent and strong. President Assad , meanwhile, showed a great deal of determination, persistence,  defiance and resolution to fight Al Qaeda  terrorism  in Syria, and he is tending to be more and more a general symbol of national unity,  stability and reliability, while it is roughly difficult to find a similar charismatic character on the other side . The US, also, realized that attacking Syria is a suicidal catastrophic option which will ignite the whole fragile region, dragging it to chaos, including America’s closest friends, and allies. It is wiser, then, to give up a weak scattered losing virtual opposition, than sacrificing existing friends and potential “War on Terror” trustful future allies.