Some of the Hezbollah officials asked March-14 current stop political exploitation of recent developments.


According to al-Menar TV channel, some of the officials of the Lebanese anti-terrorist movement Hezbollah demanded the authorities of affiliated to March-14 group to stop expressing remarks on justification of the terrorist blasts in Beirut and put end to political exploitation of terrorist crimes in Zahiya district of south Beirut.

As per the report, Hashem Safi-uddin chairman of the executive council of Hezbollah said that the aim of killing innocent people, launching missiles and bombing and targeting safe places, residential areas and shops in Lebanon is to change the stance of “Resistance” on the one hand and political bargains.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese minister of agriculture Hussein al-Haj Hassan asked March-14 group to relinquish justifying terrorist explosions in the country and political usage of such acts in Zahiya.